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Our Story

Sonoran Saddlery was founded by Jesse Fortin and his horse Arthur. Driven by his profound love for craftsmanship, at a young age Jesses recognizing the pivotal role of a well-fitted saddle in enhancing this bond. Over time, Jesse and Arthur embarked on a journey of creating tailored saddle fittings.


Now offering a curated selection of saddles and saddle accessories and specializing in disciplines like dressage, Sonoran Saddlery helps riders embrace the unique challenges of desert riding with confidence, in comfort and style.

Meet Our Founder
Jesse Fortin

My love for horses began at a young age. On my first birthday, I had a horse-shaped cake, and I couldn’t get horses out of my head since. Raised on the east coast on a 500-acre dairy farm in Vermont, I began riding when I was 10 years old. My parents worked out a deal with a neighboring farmer friend to trade the beef cow I was raising for one of their horses. Hogan and I quickly became inseparable.

One summer, I spent time working for a wealthy family in Vermont, mostly picking up things around their property. I had wandered into the barn to discover a tack room full of saddles, old Passiers, Courbettes, and Stubbens. At the time, I was riding in a worn-out, half-fallen-apart western saddle that came with Hogan.

Horses have always spoken to me. They give me so much inner peace just being around them. My passion for horses made me curious about saddles and how they are constructed. The sight of all these beautifully crafted saddles got me excited. That moment would be the moment that triggered my career choice to ultimately become a saddle fitter today. I believe every horse should be just as comfortable as their rider, and then some, during the ride. The saddle is only the foundation for a good ride.

Meet Arthur

Arthur, commonly called “My Main Man,” is a Chestnut Hannoverian gelding, MS Glock baby Sire Arrian. I purchased

Arthur to celebrate my 32nd birthday, achieving one of my childhood dreams, and my life has been full of pride since.


Arthur has been through many ups and downs throughout his role in the Fortin household. From dealing with severe allergies and usual soundness issues, the big one was discovering a spinal compression at his 3-4 vertebrae in his neck that led to some neurologic problems. Learning that was truly heartbreaking, but thanks to modern medicine and the right surgical team, he underwent a vertebrae fusion, aka “basket surgery,” in August 2021.


A long road of recovery and lots of patience has led him to his current training in dressage and the reason he was purchased. Arthur is quite a sensitive guy and loves the peaceful environment in which he lives. Arthur loves his morning naps after breakfast just as much as his monthly massages. The journey isn’t over for this one, but has nearly just begun.

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